TERROR 12th of november premiere

Across Geramy the play TERROR is performed in 18 theatres in the season of 2015/2016. Every theatre will show a different version of the play which is written by Ferdinand von Schirach.

INFO: http://terror.kiepenheuer-medien.de/

I have been asked to make the artwork for the theatre show in Aachen. My drawings will be animated by Luca Fois and will be the backdrop of the stagedesign by Esther van de Pas.

Hope to see you during the premiere on the 12th of november or have a look at the playlist.

INFO: http://www.theateraachen.de/?page=detail_event&id_event_date=13126186

Theater Aachen Theaterplatz, 52064 Aachen

Kostprobe: 04. November 2015 Aufführungen 12. | 18. | 21. | 24. | 27. November 2015 02. | 05. | 08. | 20. Dezember 2015 03. | 17. | 28. Januar 2016 26. Februar 2016

Inszenierung Elina Finkel

Bühne und Kostüme Esther van de Pas

Zeichnungen Marie van Vollenhoven

Dramaturgie Gesa Lolling

Vorsitzender Karsten Meyer

Angeklagter Lars Koch Simon Rußig

Verteidiger Torsten Borm

Staatsanwältin Katja Zinsmeister

Zeuge Markus Weickert

Zeugin/ Nebenklägerin Luana Bellinghausen

Wachtmeister Nelson Mendes

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